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Foundation Teddy improves the quality of life of children with chronical illnesses. For further information please contact us by E-mail.

Why Foundation Teddy International?

Approx. 6 million children live in Europe, who because of more or less chronic illness must be treated over a long period of time for; cancer, kidney-, cara-, mucious membrane and other deaseases. In the year 2000 the irreversible limit of 8 million will be exceeded. Thanks to the development in medical care (science) it has become possible for these children to reach a same average age as any normal healthy child. This of course is marvellous.

But, ... the progress in treatment implies that a large group of children will contract an enormous competitive disadvantage during the many years of nursing and treatment. Because of this, as adults, they will most likely become socially isolated.

Dr. Hugo Heymans (committed to the Emma Children's Hospital AMC in Amsterdam/The Netherlands, as a professor of children's medicine and president of the children's hospital ECH/AMC), for many years has been strongly involved in the problems of chronically ill children. He is very keen to prevent children becomming disadvantaged during the (long) period of illness that can result in social isolation as they become older. However, really to achieve a treatment that will improve the quality of life within the children hospitals, multi millions of dollars are required. Various plans are in development within many (children) hospitals and that is a position in which governments are very slow to provide the extra money needed.

By the enrolment of funds professor Heymans and Foundation Teddy would like to give structure to the striving of the child medicine professionals to improve the social welfare of chronically ill children and to guarantee this for the future.

Foundation Teddy has been established especially to help achieve these goals and to create awareness for this world-wide problem.

From Change to improvement ...

Recent research has already shown that children who during a hospital admission are able to maintain social contacts with the outher world, do not only cure quicker but also they cope much better with life when they grow older. The question however is how the contacts with the outher world can really be improved. As soon as the means for this become available, Foundation Teddy would like to realize the following changes:

  1. create facilities where needed, enabling parents to be with their child in hospital not only during the day but also during the night. Also relatives and friends should be able to stay longer on their visit, possibly even overnight.
  2. enable chronically ill children to pick up social skills especially by participating in sport tournaments and camps for children or other joyful experiences that healthy children take for granted. Also visits to (sport) games, film, theatre, and holiday belong thereto.
  3. integrate this new approach in child medical science, beginning with the education and training of children doctors and nurses. They as first should be aware of these developments.


  • Foundation Teddy is an internationally aimed organisation.
  • Profilation and/or identification not only through contacts with the ECH/AMC and other Ducth (children) hospitals but also in other countries.
  • These clear goals are desirable to prevent confusion with foundations aimed at children with specific illnesses in the enrolment of fund area. For project-proposals please contact us here by clicking E-mail
  • If every vistor on this page (see counter) would donate $10.00 we are able to install a counter announcing the raised fund by means of the global internet.
  • The banknumber of Foundation Teddy is at

    ING Bank in Amsterdam


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