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In 2002 The Netherlands based company EEC Events transfered its main activities to West Africa and stopped operations in Europe. The African Division took over all rights, concepts and drafts and not only organizes entertainment related activities but also supplies all necessary facilities for roadshows and events (business to business). In addition, its activities include: coordination, support, direction, production and supervision.

From 1985 till 2001 the company was absolute market leader in European-wide roadshow projects and now continues its activitie in the African market. After a cebatical year in 2001 its Managing Director developed brand new concepts, prepared the release of two books (a biography and Stechovice Treasure) and started the marketing and handling of consular assistance for various West African Republics. EEC Africa started working on a 'Prag Connection screenplay' around the hiding and excavation of the Stechovice Treasure and developed the Media Projects as JELLE TAEKE DE BOER, AFRICA PEACE CUP, and LION OF AFRICA ('Statue for Peace').

The impressive client list during the years include: Nike Europe, Swatch International, Giant Europe, MTV, UNESCO, Super Channel, Rigid Airship Design, Fuelfox, Bonaire Hand in Hand, Art Collection Jelle Taeke de Boer, and Africa For Africa.

PHONE US IN AFRICA: +232-(0)76-822971 / +224-578040
PHONE US IN NL: +31 (0)6-10332758
E-FAX IN USA: +1-253-322-7538

W A R N I N G === W A R N I N G

In NO way we are connected with the German company EEC-Network. Please keep that in mind in case they suggest this like they illegally claim on their website with unauthorized use of our project photograps (Swatch, Nike, Disney)!!!


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